What is Chris Tucker’s net worth?

Chris Tucker
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Best known for his roles alongside Jackie Chan in the Rush Hour franchise, Chris Tucker’s career has had numerous ups and downs over the years.

The Friday star got his start back in 1992 when he appeared in several episodes of Def Comedy Jam and enjoyed a brief cameo on Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper. In the years since, Tucker’s career has seen massive highs — like the Rush Hour franchise and 2012’s Silver Linings Playbook — and comparable lows, like his appearance in the rather lackluster MTV series Diary.

Despite the scattered success he’s seen in Hollywood, Tucker’s name is well-known among moviegoers. He’s only been in a handful of films overall, but Tucker turned those jobs into a solid and impressive income before a series of financial struggles drained some of his acquired wealth in the early 2010s. Despite the issues, Tucker maintains his status as a millionaire, even six years after his most recent film appearance.

Chris Tucker’s net worth

Chris Tucker
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Over the course of his years as a film actor — particularly over the course of the three Rush Hour releases — Tucker accumulated an impressive net worth. He earned more than $20 million for Rush Hour 2 and negotiated even harder for the third installment in the franchise. By the time Rush Hour 3 came about, he convinced New Line Cinema to pay him $25 million on top of 20% of the film’s gross receipts, according to Celebrity Net Worth. The site estimates that he made a whopping $50 million from the franchise as a whole.

At one point in his career, Tucker was the best-paid actor in Hollywood. In the years since, however, issues with the IRS caused Tucker’s net worth to plummet. The actor, once worth tens of millions of dollars, is today worth around $5 million. While this is still an impressive amount to most of the world, it’s quite low when compared to many of his Hollywood peers.