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Who are the Island Boys? The TikTok stars’ names and net worth

The TikTok twins' careers are just beginning.

Island Boys

TikTok has a way of making stars, and last year two of those stars became breakout hits among TikTok’s top creators.

Professionally named the Island Boys, twin brothers Franky and Alex Venegas became overnight sensations in 2021. Their wacky style and over-the-top personas suit the web perfectly and quickly allowed the fraternal twins to climb the TikTok ranks. Both brothers are thriving on the video-sharing app, where Franky — professionally dubbed Kodiyakredd — has 3.4 million followers, and Alex — professionally Flyysoulja — has 6.1 million.

As a pair, the Venegas brothers are thriving online. That hasn’t stopped criticism from flooding in, with people taking aim at everything from their exaggerated personas to their music, but the negativity doesn’t seem to have slowed them down much. In fact, the Island Boy ranks are only growing. The twins have added several new “Island Boys” to their group over the last few months — along with several fresh tattoos — and are hard at work making Island Boy a legitimate brand.

Who are the Island Boys?

The Venegas brothers have been clawing their way up through the TikTok ranks for several years now, with both brothers’ accounts boasting several hundred videos. Their real claim to fame came in 2021, however, when the brothers released their debut single, “I’m An Island Boy”. The song — a recreation of the viral TikTok that brought them into the mainstream — sees the brothers rap about their “Island Boy” lifestyle, surrounded by scantily-clad women and expensive cars.

The 20-year-old twins’ near-instant rise was met with plenty of pushback, particularly when the time came for them to perform their first live show. They were heartily booed by the crowd during a show at Club Liv in Florida, their home state, but the frosty reception didn’t do much to discourage the rap duo. They’ve continued to put out content, largely on TikTok, where — despite plenty of hateful comments — their presence only seems to be growing.

The boys are of Cuban heritage, something they wholeheartedly embrace via their music and public personas. In the months since their viral rise to prominence, the twins have cinched a number of prominent gigs, though many are in keeping with their online beginnings. They stormed off Logan Paul’s “Impaulsive” podcast in late 2021, and have recently made their way onto Cameo, where they charge $160 for “personal use” and $600+ for “business.”

The Island Boys’ net worth

The transition to Cameo seems to be serving the brothers well. They’ve already been booked several times — even getting tapped to help a man quit his job — and continue to dominate on TikTok. Their distinctive appearances — minus the hair, which they recently shaved off — is a major part of their brand, and has spread in recent months among others in their circle.

Despite a rough start — and several hurdles along the way — the boys are doing well. They were raised by a single mother in West Palm Beach, Florida following their father’s death when the boys were six, a fact that earns their mother frequent shout-outs in the twin’s content. Their teenage years were rife with legal issues, as the boys experienced multiple run-ins with the law and, at several points, served time in juvenile centers, according to the Things.

Past the legal issues and split opinions regarding their talent, the Island Boys boast an impressive net worth. Between the two, they’re worth an estimated $500,000, according to Techie + Gamers. Their accumulated net worth largely stems from their TikTok presence, through which they cinch deals and advertising revenue. Their YouTube page also aids in this, with its 166,000 subscribers, as do their Instagram pages, where the brothers boast more than 2 million followers between them.

Assuming the Venegas brothers manage to keep a grip on their fame, their careers are just beginning. Their controversial nature has kept them in the spotlight over the last year, with several major beefs — with the likes of Logan Paul and TikToker Bryce Hall — keeping their wild hair, tatted faces, and very shiny teeth in headlines.

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