Who is John Stamos’ wife?

John Stamos Caitlin McHugh
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After more than 30 years in Hollywood, John Stamos has cemented himself as a staple of the industry.

He’s so big, in fact, that most people simply refer to him as “Stamos,” completely nixing the first name due to the assurance of familiarity. Even if you’ve never watched a single Stamos film, you’re at least borderline familiar with his work. And, more likely than not, you’ve actually enjoyed at least one of his roles.

A mainstay in exaggerated hospital dramas, Stamos has been on the scene since 1982. His breakout role in General Hospital launched his career and soon saw him acting in far bigger roles. The 58-year-old actor has appeared in a handful of film releases over the years, but largely sticks to television, where he found his start. His role in Full House is well remembered, as is his recurring presence on ER

In recent years, Stamos has shifted into shows like Netflix’s You and the Full House reboot, Fuller House. The popular actor somehow manages to maintain his consistent television career while also finding time for his wife and young son. 

John Stamos’ wife

John Stamos Caitlin McHugh
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Stamos’ first marriage to model Rebecca O’Connell — formerly Rebecca Romijn, who you may recognize as Mystique from the first series of X-Men films — lasted several years, but eventually fell apart. The two have been divorced since 2005 and share no children together. 

It seems that Stamos focused primarily on his career in the years following his divorce from O’Connell. He didn’t remarry until 2017, more than a decade after the divorce was finalized. He and model Caitlin McHugh tied the knot in October 2017 after a year of dating and have been happily hitched ever since. They welcomed a son into the world in April of 2018.

McHugh, like her husband, has been featured in a number of popular television programs. She had a minor role in I Am Legend before taking on a much larger role in The Vampire Diaries. Her career has slowed down since she and Stamos became parents, but McHugh does continue to collaborate on projects with her mega-famous hubby.