Who plays Tsireya in ‘Avatar: The Way of Water?’

Image via Disney

Avatar: The Way of Water is already one of the biggest films of the year, despite its release at the tail-end of 2022. 

The highly-anticipated Avatar sequel is performing well at the box office, despite fears that it won’t recoup the $2 billion necessary to make the film profitable. Moviegoers are largely enjoying the film, even with complaints of a lackluster story, and it seems that James Cameron and the team behind The Way of Water have created a sequel on-par with the original.

The second Avatar flick works hard to expand its scope, and in the process introduces fans to a wealth of new characters. The story focuses on a range of fresh faces, and one is standing out among audiences. The young Tsireya debuted in The Way of Water as a charming, capable member of the Metkayina clan, and quickly claimed fan attention. The actress behind the newly-debuted Tsireya is still at the start of her career, but she’s set to dominate the film industry in the years to come. 

Who is Tsireya in The Way of Water?

Budding actress Bailey Bass brought the character of Tsireya to life in The Way of Water. Her name is just starting to turn heads in the world of television and film, thanks to a packed 2022. Bass has only been in a handful of roles so far, but her success in The Way of Water, as well as AMC’s Interview with the Vampire, is sure to give her career a major boost.

At 19 years old, Bass is one of the lesser-known stars to appear in The Way of Water. She’s only been in six roles thus far in her career, but her pair of major 2022 roles are all but guaranteed to get Bass plenty of future offers. 

The young actress debuted in 2014’s Moon and Sun, according to IMDb, took a six-year break from acting, and returned in 2020 with a vengeance. She’s since appeared in an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and a pair of TV movies, before her big break saw Bass appear in both Interview with the Vampire and The Way of Water in 2022. She plays Claudia in the former, a vital role across much of the show’s first season, and continues to turn heads via her role in the second. 

Bass only has a few roles lined up for the next few years, but that’s sure to change once audiences get a look at her in The Way of Water. She’s currently slated to appear in the third and fourth Avatar films — should they come to pass — as well as a TV series called At That Age. The series is in post production, and despite issues with the pilot moving forward on NBC, fans of Bass’ recent work might just see the series realized on a different network.