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Who was Piko Preston? The popular TikTok star who passed away too soon

"If Jon was around you were guaranteed to laugh."

The late Piko Preston
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It’s been a while since family, fans, and former followers said their final goodbyes to the once-popular TikTok personality and media creator Jonathan Michael “Piko” Preston. He sadly passed away on August 13, 2022, at age 43. Preston had amassed an enormous following on the social media platform for his comedic videos which he recorded under the handle ‘pikotrain5.’

Preston was known only for his infectious humor, displayed all throughout his content. He recorded videos on many topics, generally lip-syncing to the comedy routines, songs, and other sound clips available on the app’s “sounds” feature. He also regularly performed “duets” with fellow users such as Unlearn16.

“My wonderful, energetic, wild, generous, funny, and much loved little brother Jon (Piko Preston) passed away this week at the age of 43. I can’t even wrap my head around a world without him in it,” his sister, Lara Preston Neves wrote in a Facebook post from August 14th, 2022, according to Newsweek.

Although Preston had social media accounts on various platforms, he found his greatest success on TikTok where he attained 1 million followers since he first posted on the site in September of 2021. Preston’s post on April 26 received 180,000 likes and over 1.6 million views. His last post, a duet with fellow user Unlearn16 was made on August 2.

How Piko Preston’s memory lives on


To one of the greats…our sweet son Jon. We decided to share short, funny snippets from each of his three sibling’s funeral talks to keep the love, laughter, and smiles going, just like Jon would want ❤️ We love and miss you more than words could ever convey our dear son! #pikotrain5

♬ original sound – Piko Preston

Since the news of his death, fans have paid tribute to Preston in the comments of his videos. “My heart weeps for you and your family.” said one user. “You truly blessed me with your smile, eyebrow nods, and funny humor. You will be so missed.” Another user commented, “So going to miss your videos. you made me laugh when I didn’t think I could. RIP, Piko.”

His sister’s Facebook post follows in full:

“Jon is the most generous person I have ever known. He gave everything to everyone. He was our family peacemaker and always mediated sibling disagreements while we were growing up and continued to do his best to make everyone around him happy every single day of his life. If Jon was around you were guaranteed to laugh. He was the most fun uncle to my children and each of my girls has a special connection with him even though we live so far apart. He recently began a TikTok account where his beautiful smile, wicked sense of humor, and impeccable comedic timing made his one million followers laugh on a daily basis. We love you so much Jon-Jon. I am so glad I got one last hug when we visited in June. We will all do our best to be more giving and loving to honor your example. Until we meet again.”

— Lara Preston Neves

Preston was also remembered fondly by his ex-wife and mother of his two sons, who goes by the username @tnmamabear4 on TikTok by sharing that the creator “loved to make people laugh.” He also left behind a daughter (whose identity remains private) from a relationship he was believed to have had ongoing at the time of his death.

Respectfully, no cause of death for the entertainer has been disclosed by his family or authorities.

Piko Preston was laid to rest in a private ceremony at the Utah Valley Mortuary, Lindon, Utah.

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