You’ve been warned: Playing this record-breaking 2019 song in front of Jenna Ortega will get you kicked out of her home

jenna ortega wednesday
Credit: Courtesy of Netflix © 2022

When people think of Jenna Ortega and music in one, the Wednesday actress will likely be accompanied by Lady Gaga’s “Bloody Mary” or even The Cramps’ “Goo Goo Muck”. There is one song, though, that the actress will not tolerate in her home, let alone be associated with.

Speaking to Netflix whilst doing press for the series, the actress was asked what song is on her ‘do-not-playlist.’ The actress confessed she isn’t big on pop before singling out one that she cannot stand, and she didn’t mince words.

“I’m not big on pop, and I feel like for a couple of years there was a song out called ‘Dance Monkey.’ If anyone ever played that in my house they’re getting kicked out immediately.”

The 2019 Tones And I track will get you an immediate eviction from the presence of Ortega, and it would seem that quite a few agree with the actress. Twitter is now all over the fact that they too can’t stand this song, because if there is anything that can bring people together, it’s hating on the same thing.

Apparently, this “take” on the song is why we should in fact love the actress.

For both Ortega and this fan, “Dance Monkey” is enough to warrant this response.

I don’t know, gang, ear bleeding is something you should probably get that checked out.

If hatred over a song is the thin thread that connects this fan to the actress then they will take it.

Yep, she’s definitely JUST like you based on this one, tenuous connection.

There are still some that are willing to defend the song.

Jenna Ortega might hate it, but it’s hard to say the world en masse did. The song has broken many records, is the third most-streamed song on Spotify ever and is the most Shazammed song in history. Maybe they’re all the result of hate listens? Who knows?

Tones And I is yet to respond to the buzziest celeb of the moment giving her an ultimate dig, but if she comes out slamming Wednesday, we know why.