The 10 Greatest Villains The Avengers Have Ever Faced


10) Korvac

His name might sound like “a vacuum cleaner” – at least that’s what his creator Steve Gerber thinks – but Korvac is actually one of the most powerful villains the Avengers have ever faced.

Michael Korvac was once an ordinary computer technician but, when the Earth was invaded by the alien Badoon, he allied with them and they transformed him into a cyborg. Still craving more power, Korvac went on to steal the Power Cosmic, the energy source of Galactus the World-Eater, and set out to reshape the Earth into a utopia.

As well as being super-powerful, Korvac is also a sympathetic villain. After wiping out the Avengers in a massive battle, he committed suicide after losing his wife. With his last ounce of strength, he resurrected all the heroes he had killed.

Despite the threat he poses – or perhaps because of that – Korvac is a very sparingly-used villain. He has appeared in two animated series, though – Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and Ultimate Spider-Man – both of which substantially altered his character.

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