Benjamin Percy Discusses Expanding The Teen Titans’ Lineup

When anyone thinks of a superhero team, no matter which it may be, there are usually a few characters that come to everybody’s mind. In the case of the Teen Titans, one normally pictures the likes of Robin, Starfire and Kid Flash. But if you’ve got Young Justice on the brain, you’ll probably argue that Aqualad should be mentioned in the same breath.

It’s probably due in part to the generation coming up that led to current series writer Benjamin Percy to introduce Jackson Hyde to the team. Granted, the latest issue did feature the character’s debut, but he’s yet to become a Titan himself. As it turns out, a veteran author such as Percy knows the value of the slow burn, something he told Comicosity in a recent interview:

“There was an initial discussion about whether we should shoehorn him into the first arc, but my contention was that it was too busy, and that he was too important of a character to get lost in the shuffle. I really wanted him to have his own story arc.”

On a similar note, he hammered home the point that this week’s issue could’ve just as easily bore a “#1” on the cover, which he also recently stated on an episode of DC All Access:

“I think everything up to this point has been a prologue. This next issue could really function as a brand new #1. Up to this point, the team has been figuring each other out and just learning to trust Damian. And understand that they’re not having an easy time at that. He’s coming into his own as a leader.”

I don’t know if I’d go as far to say that, but it definitely is friendly toward new readers. So, if you feel like testing the water for yourself, pick up a copy of Teen Titans #6, which is now available in comic shops.