DC/Looney Tunes Specials Make For Craziest Crossovers Imaginable

In the past, DC has crossed over with Marvel, Batman has battled Aliens and Predators, and there was even the unforgettable video game Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. But in the very near future, we’ll all be treated to the weirdest crossovers this writer has seen since Archie Meets The Punisher when the DC/Looney Tunes initiative becomes a reality.

Now, DC has already found a measure of success when it comes to its radical reimaginings of classic Hanna-Barbera properties, which will soon enjoy a second wave led by Snagglepuss. But, to be frank, those were works that stood on their own and didn’t see any beloved Saturday morning icons joining forces with the Justice League. Granted, there’s Scooby-Doo Team-up, but that’s an all ages title and a different beast entirely.

As of now, there’s not much to go on, so here’s what the PR department has thus far divulged:

Stay tuned.

Jonah Hex. Yosemite Sam.

Martian Manhunter. Marvin the Martian.

Lobo. The Road Runner.

Batman. Elmer Fudd.

Seriously, that’s the entire press release. We’re not joking.

If we’re to infer anything, we must look to the cover art provided, which you can check out in the gallery at the top. It’s safe to say that Jonah Hex and Yosemite Sam seem like a logical pairing, and the same could be said for Martian Manhunter and Marvin the Martian. And, from the looks of it, Wile E. Coyote is hiring Lobo to take down the elusive Road Runner.

Batman and Elmer Fudd seem to be the most nonsensical of the DC/Looney Tunes pairings, but our best guess is that Elmer’s affinity for guns will be a central theme, as we all know the Dark Knight has an extreme dislike for firearms.