Deadpool Just Hilariously Referenced Ryan Reynolds’ Blade: Trinity Role


Ryan Reynolds may be killing it as Deadpool nowadays, but as we all know, his comic book movie career wasn’t always so successful. He initially played Wade Wilson in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, possibly the worst entry in Fox’s X-franchise, and also starred as Hal Jordan in DC’s failed 2011 Green Lantern film. Of course, Reynolds has poked fun at himself in the Deadpool movies with references to both of these productions. But now, the Merc with a Mouth’s latest comic book appearance goes even further, and calls back to Reynolds’ debut turn in the superhero world that’s often overlooked.

Strikeforce #7, from writer Tini Howard and artist German Peralta, features a panel where DP encounters vampire hunter Blade leading a bunch of superheroes in the sewers. The anti-hero gives the Daywalker a hilariously fourth-wall breaking welcome, commenting: “Been in any good movies lately? Last I saw, you were huntin’ Parker Posey and some sexy dude…” Marvel fans will know this a nod to 2005’s Blade: Trinity, in which Reynolds played Hannibal King.

Like Deadpool says, this is the last time Blade appeared on the big screen. However, that’ll change over the next few years. Kevin Feige announced at Comic-Con last summer that Mahershala Ali has signed up to play the lead in a reboot. Hopes are high that Wesley Snipes will return in some capacity, too, seeing as he’s so tied up with the character. In fact, Wade Wilson himself is due to be folded into the MCU soon, as well. Meaning there’s a chance that Reynolds’ Deadpool could actually deliver a similar meta-joke like this in a future team-up movie.

For more, check out the description for Strikeforce #7, which is available now, below:

SHOWDOWN ON DEADPOOL’S MONSTER ISLAND! There are still hundreds of shape-shifting Vridai sneaking their way through Midgard – and Strikeforce is the only team that can recognize them. But when Blade and his team go hunting on King Deadpool’s Monster Island, they’ll find the worst monsters of all may be the ones in the mirror!

Neither Blade or Deadpool 3 have been given release dates, but it’s possible that both could be with us in 2022. Stay tuned for more.