Exclusive Preview: Robin Puts Superboy Through The Wringer In Super Sons #6

Since the Rebirth era began just over one year ago, I’ve maintained that the Superman family of books have been some of the best DC has had to offer. To my delight, Action Comics has lived up to its name and then some, in addition to incorporating just about every character you’d hope to see in a comic featuring Big Blue, while Superman displayed loads of charm by focusing on the domestic side of things.

And although it wasn’t included in the first wave of titles to be part of the initiative, it actually worked out for the better that Super Sons was given time to gestate. After all, it wouldn’t seem right if they just threw young Jon Kent into the deep end before organically developing him as the new Superboy, now would it?

To the publisher’s credit, they put Peter J. Tomasi on the job, thereby allowing him to carry over what he’d already established in the aforementioned Superman. Yes, Super Sons has just as much heart as that book, but shifting the focus to Superboy and Robin obviously makes for a much different experience that, not surprisingly, has garnered its share of critical acclaim. Plus, it’s kind of cool to see a dynamic similar to that of what their respective fathers share, only, you know, Damian can be a bit more of jerk than Bruce – and that’s what I love about him.

Sooner or later, we knew the time would come when Robin would introduce Superboy to the rest of the Teen Titans and, apparently, that time is now. Still, we shouldn’t expect smooth sailing, as DC promises “something sinister is at work, and Damian’s real motives for introducing Jon to the team are revealed to devastating consequences!”

So, be sure to venture out to a comic shop next Wednesday, July 19 in order to see how things pan out for the gang in Super Sons #6.


Written by: Peter J. Tomasi

Art and cover by: Jorge Jimenez

Variant cover by: Dustin Nguyen