Marvel Unveils X-Men Trading Card Variant Covers

Had this been a meme circulating on social media – and, thankfully, it isn’t – this would be about the time we’d say, “if you remember this, your childhood was awesome.” But, in all seriousness, if you were a kid in the 1990’s, you no doubt remember that the X-Men were absolutely huge at that time, despite the fact that they were yet to have any representation on the silver screen.

Lately, Marvel has found a variety of ways to appeal to our nostalgic sides, be it with a trailer featuring the theme song from the classic animated series or some “remastered” Jim Lee variant covers. So, it comes as no surprise that they’ve readied another round of greatness from yesteryear by rolling out X-Men trading card variant covers.

Basically, here’s the idea: This July, 29 key Marvel titles will have variants to offer, each of them being pieces that were originally a part of a set of trading cards years ago, and were penciled by Jim Lee (him again) and inked by Scott Williams. Colors will be applied by the likes of Jesus Aburtov, Israel Silva and Chris Sotomayor in order to give them a more modern feel.

As of now, we’re able to present twelve of these handsome X-Men covers (check out the gallery at the top), but a full list of participating titles can be found below:

1.       ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #22 (Archangel)

2.       AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #30 (Bishop)

3.       AVENGERS #9 (Mystique)

4.       BLACK PANTHER #16 (Storm)

5.       CABLE #3 (Cable)


7.       CHAMPIONS #10 (Cyclops)

8.       DAREDEVIL #23 (Domino)

9.       DEADPOOL #33 (Deadpool)

10.   DEFENDERS #3 (Shadow King)

11.   DOCTOR STRANGE #23 (Mr. Sinister)

12.   GENERATION X #4 (Jubilee)

13.   GWENPOOL, THE UNBELIEVABLE #18 (White Queen)

14.   INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #9 (Colossus)

15.   IRON FIST #5 (Sabretooth)

16.   JEAN GREY #4 (Dark Phoenix)

17.   MIGHTY THOR #21 (Sentinel)

18.   MS. MARVEL #20 (Lady Deathstrike)

19.   OLD MAN LOGAN #26 (Professor X)


21.   THE PUNISHER #14 (Forge)

22.   ROYALS #5 (Magneto)

23.   SPIDER-MAN #18 (Shadowcat)

24.   THANOS #9 (Strong Guy)

25.   UNCANNY AVENGERS #25 (Rogue)

26.   VENOM #152 (Polaris)

27.   WEAPON X #5 (Warpath)

28.   X-MEN BLUE #7 (Jean Grey)

29.   X-MEN GOLD #7 (Mojo)