New Monsters Unleashed Video Featuring The Music Of Skillet Drops


Although we still have a couple more issues to go before Monsters Unleashed officially wraps, Marvel is doing their part to get the word out by circulating yet another promo video. Whereas the previous one reminded me more of 1950’s era footage, this one come across more like a modern news report.

Once again making use of motion comics, the latest offering does its best to make you feel like you’re living in the Marvel Universe and these kaiju-like creatures are tearing up your hometown. But luckily, you happen to exist within a universe that also has superheroes, so characters who are mentioned such as the Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor and Captain Marvel are probably much appreciated.

Similarly, Marvel has entertained fans in recent memory with a variety of music videos, and it seems like they tried to continue that trend here by featuring the track “Back from the Dead” by rock band Skillet. Had this been presented differently, it may have worked better, but you can’t help but wonder why a newscast would be playing Skillet while monsters are tearing up the city. Even so, White Zombie works better under circumstances such as these.

Speaking of Skillet, their own John Cooper had this to say about his love for Marvel:

“Marvel has been one of the defining things in my life ever since I was 4 years old when Spider-Man became my hero. The Marvel Universe is a world where even a nobody like Peter Parker can become someone, stand up for what is right, and no matter how evil the world becomes, you know that good will overcome. Being involved with Marvel is truly one of the best moments of Skillet’s career.”

Be sure to pick up the next chapter of the saga, Monsters Unleashed #5, in comic shops next Wednesday, March 15.