Nick Fury Is Getting His Own “Psychedelic” Ongoing Series Later This Spring


While the original Nick Fury is now known as “the Unseen” and forced to take on the role once held by The Watcher, his son remains a big part of the Marvel Universe. It just so happens that he bears a striking resemblance to the version played on the big screen by Samuel L. Jackson, and the character is now getting a series of his own later this year.

Written by James Robinson with art by ACO, Newsarama describes the comic as “psychedelic,” and it’s easy to see why based on the Nick Fury #1 preview pages in the gallery below.

This is Fury’s first comic book series, and he’ll be joined here by a new character who is part of HYDRA with the two embarking on the sort of cat and mouse adventures which made the original version’s adventures so much fun back in the 1960s. Whether these tales will be able to match those remains to be seen, but Robinson certainly makes it sound pretty cool:

“If there is an overarching thing to this series, it’s the idea of Fury just beginning to feel comfortable stepping into the shoes of his father. The other thing we’ll see going from issue to issue is Fury’s game of wits and skills with a new character – Frankie Noble, Agent of Hydra, who is very much the opposite number to Fury in all ways.”

Due to the fact that this version of the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent was so poorly introduced, fans have never really taken to him, and so the title could be a tough sell for Marvel when it goes on sale this spring. The writing and artwork will hopefully be good enough that that never becomes an issue, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Stay tuned for more on Nick Fury over the next couple of months.