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The Best First Comics To Read

There's no shortage of stellar comics out there. Here's where to get started if you're feeling overwhelmed.
This article is over 2 years old and may contain outdated information

The world of comic books is massive, with giant stories taking place in vast multiverses, small self-contained settings, and uniquely bizarre worlds. There is no limit to the places that comics can take you and the emotions they can make you feel, but it can also feel slightly intimidating to know where to start if you’re not used to reading them regularly. Consider this your guide to knowing where to dive in.

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Poison Ivy Thorns

Poison Ivy Thorns is a YA comic that stars everyone’s favorite antihero. The iconic Batman baddie has grown more relatable with each year and is a highlight amongst young adults. This story about love and revenge is compelling for all ages and is an amazing intro into the DC universe, especially for younger people. It’s totally self-contained and in its own continuity but has everything you could want from a story starring Poison Ivy sans the fighting Batman. Plus it has a new and interesting love interest for Pamela in Alice, the seemingly normal goth girl.

Roadqueen Eternal Roadtrip To Love

This is the tale of a lesbian f*ckboy who is put on the path to becoming a decent lesbian by a mysterious woman. The comic is a perfect getaway for fans of manga and has even been released by Seven Seas, who otherwise has only ever published translated manga and light novels. The meat of the story centers around Vega and the protagonist Leo’s arrangement. Leo’s tasked with being a decent person, which comes with a bit of a struggle. This story is as goofy as it is fun, and the black-and-white art is incredible.

Angela Queen Of Hel 

Angela dives into Hel to save Sera, her closest ally and love. Set in the main continuity of the Marvel Universe, this story is attached to many other comics, from Guardians of the Galaxy to Thor. Angela is the sister of Loki and Thor as well as a card-carrying member of several teams in the universe, most recently the Asgardians Of The Galaxy. Despite all the bigger attachments, Angela Queen Of Hel is a story that doesn’t require an immense amount of knowledge and just reads as an enjoyable action comic. As Angela fights through Hel to get Sera out of it, she has to get through Hela herself to escape with her, making for some comical superhero entertainment.


A group of girls at Scout Camp encounters strange and magical things, from wolves to gods, and tries to deal with the weird magic of the day while having a fun summer. This series which was co-created by Noelle Stevenson of She-Ra fame is a perfect comic to pick up for your kids. Lumberjanes will even be getting a movie and show on HBO Max due to how wildly popular it is. The whole story is a low-stakes, wacky cartoon perfect for introducing kids to the world of comics. The sense of humor is perfect for fans of shows like The Owl House, She-Ra and The Princesses of Power, and Steven Universe, and readers will delight in the comic’s creativity.

The Wicked + The Divine   

The Wicked + The Divine is a world where the gods are reincarnated and become celebrities when they awaken to their true nature. At first the reader gets the perspective of Laura Wilson, a super fan-girl of the gods, but as murder and mystery begin to surround the characters, we get a wide variety of perspectives on what’s happening around them. This comic isn’t for the faint of heart, but it’s perfect for people who want riveting, engaging, and heartbreaking reading experiences. This story is a perfect gateway comic for readers looking to explore worlds outside of superhero stories. It’s hard to say anything without spoiling major plot points, but this series is a wild ride that anyone who can handle a few tears will want to go on.

DC Bombshells  

The DC Universe is loaded with characters with fantastic and wonderful abilities, and DC Bombshells is the AU story that centers around the women of the universe. This is the perfect world to dive into if you want to learn more about some of DC’s greatest women. Everyone is in very campy pinup outfits fighting in a World War 2-era world, which is gripping and harkens back to the original DC Universe. It’s a perfect series for getting attached to new favorites if you were already a fan of DC Shows or movies or just want to dip your toes in fresh.

Power & Magic Anthology 

Comics have reached a new era in our technological age, giving voice to a variety of new storytellers. Power & Magic Anthology offers a wide and diverse range of queer people of color who now get to tell stories about witches and show the full range of what comics can be. There are lots of amazing anthologies out there and this series is a perfect step to discovering more as well as finding new comic creators to follow. Each story has its own charm and while they’re not connected by anything but the theme of witches, the stories flow into and out of each other nicely.

Jem And The Holograms

Jem is truly an outrageously fun series. It’s easy to throw away comics tied into old lines of toys, but Jem and The Holograms is a series you can tell came from a place of love for the old cartoon. The drama between the Misfits and Jem and the Holograms is delightful and this series dives into all of the characters from both bands as well as some new and returning ones. The series makes you feel like band is actually playing live music, breaking the fourth wall in a refreshing way and making you wish it was real. This is a great gateway into the world of comics for fans of band stories or the original cartoon. Plus the hair designs are 10/10 and the comic is worth reading for that reason alone.

Loki Agent Of Asgard 

Loki is one of Marvel’s most popular characters and he has one of the most amazing comics runs. Loki Agent of Asgard was clearly an inspiration for Loki on Disney Plus and for very good reason. Loki is an intriguing character to follow as he tries to make up for his crimes and explore himself. There are a lot of funny moments in the series and it’s a great gateway into the wider Marvel continuity. The storyline can be a bit jarring, but that is something readers getting into any superhero universe will have to get used to. Loki’s storytelling is excellent enough that even in their most awkward moments, the comics manage to say something about their protagonist as a person. Check this series out if you’re a fan of the iconic villain or just want to make the jump from Marvel movies and shows to its comics.

Always Human

Always Human is a romance story set in a utopian future where people can put new skills into their heads, change their looks with mods, and generally live high-quality lives⏤except for people with Egan’s Syndrome, who are unable to use the mods. The story centers on Austen, a girl with the disease, and Sunati as they navigate a relationship together. This romance has no BS misunderstanding drama, but rather real-world relationship issues. The romance between Austen and Sanati is one you’ll want to root for. It’s a great story for fans of romance, hopeful sci-fi, or just realistic relationships. It’s completely free to read on Webtoon and if you like it enough, there’s a physical version available to buy.

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