What comes in the 2023 Oscars gift bag?

Oscars gift bag
Screengrab via YouTube/Today

The Oscars awards ceremony is one of the biggest nights of the celebrity calendar. It is a night where the biggest names in entertainment gather to celebrate their achievements over the previous twelve months. Of course, whenever a big gathering of celebrities happens, brands and firms are near, trying to promote their newest products by getting them into famous hands and in front of the cameras. 

Because of this, it is traditional for every Oscar Nominee to get a gift bag. And this gift bag usually features a load of high-end products, and 2023’s bag is no exception. 

What is in the 2023 bag?

The nominee gift bags, dubbed “Everyone Wins,” are supplied by Distinctive Assets. Distinctive Assets describes itself as “a niche marketing company offering celebrity placement and branding opportunities within the entertainment industry. We connect products/services with celebrities and influencers in order to create buzz-worthy content for both social media and traditional press outlets.”

In a press release, the company’s founder, Lash Fary, described this year’s bag by saying:

“While our gifts may be famous for being fun, fabulous, useful and unique, they also serve a grander purpose. Most of the brands we include are from a diverse and inclusive array of small businesses who meaningfully benefit from the global exposure that being associated with Hollywood’s Biggest Night affords them. This is celebrity marketing with a mission.”

The press release lists the products included in the bag. This massive list includes everything from hair regrowth treatments to plots of land in Australia and even a pillow from the infamous animal rights charity PETA.

Distinctive Assets’ list of the bag’s contents says it includes: 

  • Miage ultra-luxury transformative skincare products
  • ēcōMD clean conscious Vegan Retinol
  • Havaianas colorful “beach getaway” flip flops + luggage combo, 
  • Bateel gourmet dates,
  • Faro Punta Imperatore Lighthouse Italian island vacation
  • The Lifestyle 10-acre estate Canadian vacation
  • All Better Co. plant-powered first aid
  • Antigua Cruz Añejo Cristalino Tequila 
  • Ariadne Athens Skin Wellness bath sets, 
  • Art Lipo body sculpting voucher, 
  • Bauman Medical comprehensive hair restoration services 
  • Beli vitality and fertility supplements
  • Benigna Parfums Royal Essence Collection
  • blanc par rouGe gourmet maple collection
  • Blush Silk pillowcases,
  • Bored Rebel graphic undershirts
  • C60 Sexy edible massage oil
  • CLIF Thins healthy snacks
  • Comvita UMF 10+ Manuka Honey
  • Daily Energy Cards
  • DAX Hair Care grooming products
  • Dr. Konstantin Vasyukevich’s facial rejuvenation procedures
  • Effecti-cal enhanced calcium supplements
  • EpicLight Beauty Never Settle Radiant Cheek + Lip Blush
  • evolvetogether high-performing daily essentials
  • Frontera Wines wine and music
  • Ginza Nishikawa shokupan Japanese milk bread sensation
  • Good Girl Chocolate
  • Harmless Harvest Organic Coconut Water
  • Jambys “performance inactivewear”
  • Jo Bowlby’s A Book for Life and a shaman reading
  • Kind Reason Co. candles,
  • KnowingLabs performance testing panels
  • Maison Construction project management
  • m cacao expressio video chocolate box
  • NaturGeeks functional wellness immunity boost
  • Opopop flavor wrapped microwave popcorn kernels
  • Oxygenetix medi spa services, 
  • PETA “Stop Monkey Imports to Labs” travel pillow
  • Pieces of Australia land plots
  • Posh Pretzels, 
  • Proflexa topical pain relief cream
  • Rareté Studios customizedBelonging Bracelet
  • ReFa HEART Brush + ReFa FINE BUBBLE S beauty showerhead
  • Reflect orb, 
  • Serucell cellular protein Recovery Serum
  • Shinery Radiance Wash all-in-one hand soap and jewelry cleaner S.Pellegrino Sparkling Natural Mineral Water
  • Sumner Street Shea vegan body butters
  • Sweetums flavored intimate wipes
  • The Beauty Tea Company all-natural tea
  • THE CHAI BOX chai concentrate
  • THE FOOTCLOUD shoe cushions
  • Mahara Mindfulness’ The Human Being Journal 
  • The Millions-Billions-Trillions Brand apparel
  • The Rescue Kit Company’s The Photo Shoot Kit 
  • Third Element Water supplement
  • Tranquini sparkling beverages, 
  • Upminders LRU (Love, Respect, Unity) Medallion, 
  • Gods in Shackles by the Voice for Asian Elephants Society
  • Ysidro sparkling canned sake spritz.

What is the Oscars nominee gift bag worth? 

Distinctive Assets have not released a definitive figure for how much the products included in the 2023 bag are worth. However, this year’s bag contains more than the 2022 version did, which was said to have a $133,000 value. So the total cost of the bag is at least six figures. 

Last year’s bag sparked a lot of debate on social media, with many users arguing that the bag’s high price tag was inappropriate considering the current global economic situation, with many people calling for celebrities to sell or donate the value of the bag to worthy causes. 

Though, in the press statement, Lash Fary downplays this element, noting that: 

“While this gift bag does, as always, have an impressive value, that is neither our focus nor goal. This is a straightforward win/win. These nominees are in a unique position to help participating brands immeasurably by simply wearing, using and talking about these products. Marketing and advertising can and must co-exist with the ever-present reporting of bad news globally. This isn’t frivolity; it is basic economics.”