New 007 Game Referenced in Raven Software Employee’s LinkedIn Page?

Looks like a saving grace to Agent 007 may be coming to a few more places than your nearest box office.

If rumors encircling a LinkedIn profile post for an employee of (Activision Blizzard studio) Raven Software — and one who shall remain anonymous — a new, “unreleased high-profile movie-license action/adventure game using the Unreal 3 engine” just might be the next James Bond console adventure, following the Wii’s Goldeneye remake and the flopped HD console-targeting Blood Stone, according to a report from VG247.

Suggestions are pegging the game’s development process as running for a year plus eight to this point, in line with details and video regarding such a 007 game (later pulled) from within the confines of a Bond fan site, with further speculation arising from last month’s confirmation of the ongoing continuation of the 007 franchise’s cinematic release with film number 23 officially en route despite the near-ruin of cinematic distribution rights holder MGM (in the financial sense, that is).