Two More 007 Legends Missions Announced At Gamescom

007 Legends has already unveiled two of its movie-based missions and some of its classic cast, but a recent Gamescom announcement has uncovered a few more familiar faces (and voices) as well as a couple of previously confidential missions.

The most modern film to be announced to be included so far, apart from the Skyfall DLC component of course, is 2002’s Die Another Day. Whilst it will be Daniel Craig as opposed to Pierce Brosnan playing the protagonist, the character of Gustav Graves will see Toby Stephens reprise his role from the film. Similarly, Carey Lowell will return as Agent Pam Bouvier in a mission based upon 1989’s Licence to Kill.

007 Legends is shaping up to be a rather fitting tribute to this long-standing franchise, and one has to admire the different approach to a movie tie-in the title is taking. The screenshots below are arguably the most exciting yet, and the video itself affords us a greater insight into the gameplay than ever before.

Source: Joystiq