10 Unannounced Games We Want To See At E3 2015


This is it: after sifting through streams of rumors and speculation, we’re now within touching distance of E3 2015. Beginning on Sunday, June 14 with Bethesda’s inaugural presser, the biggest names in gaming will descend on the Los Angeles Convention Center throughout the course of next week, and here at We Got This Covered we couldn’t be more excited.

We’ve long heard of virtual reality’s imminent renaissance, with high-street retailers such as GameStop stating that this year’s trade show will feature the emerging tech in a big, big way. From Valve’s HTC-powered Vive to Microsoft’s augmented HoloLens, Oculus’ recently-revealed Oculus Rift to Sony’s own Project Morpheus, there are a myriad of platforms rising to the forefront of this exciting new frontier.

Of course, hardware is only a small part of the bigger picture, and considering that E3 2015 will herald a rather surprising amount of press conferences, we can readily expect a steady stream of new game announcements over the next few days. With Fallout 4 already out in the open and sending fans into a tail-spin, Bethesda’s showcase suddenly appears much more mysterious; beyond the Doom reboot, there’s still a tremendous amount of secrecy swirling around the event.

Barely 12 hours later, Microsoft will step into the green-tinted limelight as it looks to captialize on a strong holiday line-up through Halo 5: Guardians and Rise of the Tomb Raider. It’s a stage show that has been billed as one of the biggest in the company’s history, and one that will no doubt leave Sony with a lot of questions to answer. The Japanese giant will host its own presser later on Monday, June 15, and the publisher has no time to rest on its laurels if it is to effectively cushion the delay of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Often described as the main event, the interlude between these two titans will play host to Ubisoft and EA, respectively, who will showcase a plethora of third-party titles.

Ever the one to dance to its own tune, Nintendo will present its Direct Presentation the following morning, while Square Enix will cap off the most notable pressers with the event’s penultimate conference.

So, what could these showcases possibly entail? Indeed, which as-yet-unannounced games do we believe will light up the Los Angeles Convention Next week? Read on to find out….