100ft Robot Golf Tees Off On October 10

100ft Robot Golf Logo

If you have a hankering for playing as 100 foot tall robots, wrecking a few downtown cities, and playing a few rounds of golf, then you’re in luck. As detailed earlier today on the PlayStation Blog100ft Robot Golf is set to release on October 10th, for both PlayStation 4 and for PlayStation VR.

Revealed last year during the December PlayStation Experience Event, 100ft Robot Golf brings the world of golf to a much larger scale, as players take control of giant robotic suits and hit a few golf balls around, all while crashing into and destroying the city landscape that has become your own personal golf course. While you can play the game solo, 100ft Robot Golf also supports multiplayer, and for those who are planning to pick up the PlayStation VR, you’ll be able to make use of it here as well.

No Goblin has also revealed a brand new cast of characters, referred to as Project C. As detailed below, Project C is comprised of five Corgis, who pilot their own robot suits which merge together to form one giant, humanoid robot.

Project C is a special project put together by Team NGBL, a secret underground organization specializing in unconventional golfing robots. Whereas most robots have one (or occasionally two pilots), Project C is actually made up of five separate robots, each piloted by an adorable puppy. These five dogs piloting five small dog robots form together to create a golfing megadog that may actually be taller than one hundred feet tall. Surely five dogs can beat one human at the robot king’s game that is 100ft Robot Golf?

You can dive into 100ft Robot Golf when it launches later this year. Until then, if you are keen on checking out other games by developer No Goblin, you should read our review of their debut title, Roundabout