11 Minutes Of New Tomb Raider Footage – Monastery Escape Walkthrough

Crystal Dynamics released a new developer walkthough for Tomb Raider today, giving us just over 11 minutes of new gameplay footage showing Lara making her way from a Monastery to the edge of a Scavenger stronghold.

Even though this footage shows several areas and situations that you might remember seeing during past E3 demonstrations for Tomb Raider, the video is new and does show some unseen areas. You might want to skip past it if you are sensitive to spoilers.

While the video does show some of the game’s “Gear Gating” system that was detailed in last week’s Guide To Survival Exploration Trailer, the bulk of the gameplay shown here is linear in nature focuses on Lara’s use of stealth, cover, and “environmental opportunities” to make quick work of enemies.

We also get to see one of Lara’s death sequences that result from a missed semi-quick time event, and the impact that taking damage has on the player’s ability to traverse the game environment. The damage that Lara takes is clearly during a scripted event, so it is unclear if this is a gameplay element that will also occur outside of linear action levels.

This “new” footage is very much in keeping with the bulk of the Tomb Raider gameplay videos that Crystal Dynamics has shown thus far, as such I’m not sure if they are helping or hurting the game’s image in the final weeks leading up to the game’s release. The TR marketing team has decided that the best way to show off the reboot is by releasing a ton of videos showing linear gameplay and scripted events, and those aspects are not exactly helping to win over long-time Lara Croft fans.

Crystal Dynamics also announced that Tomb Raider officially went gold last week, so the game on track to meet its scheduled PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC launch date of March 5, 2013. Check out the new gameplay footage below (spoiler warning) and let us know your thoughts in the comments.