2K And Gearbox Have Unveiled Battleborn’s Incursion Mode


In a new blog over at the official site for Battleborn, 2K Games have revealed a slew of new information about the game’s Incursion Mode. Incursions in Battleborn will be all action, dropping you right in the middle of a battlefield with an objective at hand and survival on your mind.

And the objectives sound simple enough; each Incursion will have you tasked with taking down the enemy force’s two giant sentry bots. The simplicity is a deception, of course, and each journey across the map and into enemy territory will be fraught with peril as you will also have to defend your own turf from advancing enemies.

Within the Battleborn blog, 2K offered the following at-a-glance look at the nature of Incursion Mode:

  • Keep your eyes on the prize. Although kills will grant you XP, your primary targets are those two giant enemy spider Sentry Drones on the other side of the map.
  • The first enemy Sentry Drone sits just past the midfield point of the map. The second, bigger Sentry Drone is situated at the far end of the map near the enemy team’s base. Destroying the base Sentry Drone ends the game. Each Sentry is marked with a shield icon on the mini-map.
  • Destroy small and large Shard clusters to collect Shards. Small clusters are available at the start of the game and large clusters spawn after two minutes then respawn two minutes after being destroyed.
  • Use Shards to purchase buildable tactical structures which are located strategically around the map. These buildables can then be upgraded using Shards to make them more efficient and more resistant to enemy attacks. Buildables will be available to purchase again approximately 20 seconds after they’ve been destroyed.

Like we said, simple, eh? You can take a look at some of the chaos on offer in Battleborn‘s Incursion Mode in the extended gameplay demo above. There are also a ton of tips for succeeding included over at the 2K blog if you’re interested in more.