2K Games Teases Advent, A Mysterious Sci-Fi Game From The Future


E3 2015 may still be a few weeks away yet, but that hasn’t stopped developers from stoking the embers of excitement ahead of the main event. Taking to Twitter, 2K games has got the party started early by releasing a few screenshots from a mysterious sci-fi project known as Advent, which appears to be a whole new IP set in a dystopian future.

The question now is whether said tease is either in relation to new XCOM title, a possible (but somewhat unlikely) BioShock spinoff or a new game altogether. What we know for sure is that Advent is situated in a futuristic, almost utopian metropolis that isn’t all what it appears to be. Move in today and start living in the world of tomorrow, the message reads, before the video clip glitches to reveal a decimated city that is anything but what the original caption promised. There’s trouble brewing in paradise.

According to the Advent teaser website, the titular program orbits around a technology that aids the disenfranchised battle common ailments such as disease and poverty, but it looks to be the case that things don’t exactly go according to plan. While not wholly original, the concept art is undoubtedly cool, and 2K has a reputation for quality software.

Expect more information pertaining to Advent in the build-up to E3 2015.

Source: 2K