2K Games Trailers Claptastic Voyage DLC For Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! & Borderlands: The Handsome Collection


Earlier this week, we told you about the newly-announced Claptastic Voyage story DLC for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!, including how it will be included in current-gen’s Borderlands: The Handsome Collection at no extra cost. Now, there’s more to talk about, as 2K Games has just released the add-on’s first trailer.

Needless to say, what we’ve been given is full of craziness. Then again, this is a new set of themed campaign missions, which take place inside of Claptrap’s brain. If you’ve ever met the dubstep-loving robot, then you know that we’re in for one Hell of a wild ride based on that setting alone.

If you’ve yet to hear, the Claptastic Voyage tasks The Pre-Sequel‘s vault hunters with attempting to obtain a special code sequence that Handsome Jack would like to acquire. And it’s something he’ll do anything for, even if it means shrinking his employees and sending them inside the messed up brain of the world’s weirdest robot. Then again, what does Jack care? He’s a dick.

Claptastic Voyage will be combined with the Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 2. Both are scheduled for release on the 24th of March.