Trendy Entertainment Releases Three Dungeon Defenders Dev Diaries

This game is going to be awesome

Personally, I don’t think I could add any more Ds into that title. I suppose I could have written Three Damn Distressing Dev Diaries Descending Downwards by Da Dungeon Defenders Team, but that’s just tacky, and not the point of this news update.

What I’d like to mention, is that there are three shiny new Dungeon Defenders dev diaries here to peruse, courtesy of the staff over at Trendy Entertainment.

This first one discusses the defence and build-phase of the game and makes for a pretty decent pre-game tutorial in my opinion.

The next is something that speaks more heavily on the combat part of the game.

Finally, we have one that discusses the RPG elements of the game.

You can find Trendy Entertainment‘s first developer diary here.

Three great developer videos for what looks like a great game. If you haven’t already heard enough to entice you to buy Dungeon Defenders next week, then check back soon. More information is on its way.

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