Just Cause 3 Dev Diary Showcases One Of Gaming’s More Illustrious Daredevils


Developer Avalanche Studios has just kicked off a new video series to trumpet the release of its upcoming threequel, Just Cause 3, with the first part drawing attention to its leading star and unabashed daredevil, Rico Rodriquez. Part John McClane, part John Matrix, the agent commonly known as Scorpio has earned a reputation of being a one-man army across the previous two entries in the franchise, and Avalanche is aiming to take that high-octane action to a whole new level with the release of Just Cause 3 later this year.

In the footage above, the creative team outlines the personality and characteristics of the mercenary-cum-assassin, and whether he is classed as more of a good guy or bad. Having worked for the CIA and a covert operation known as The Agency, Rico skills are matched only by his innate ability to adapt to the environment around him, whether that means the sun-kissed beaches of the Caribbean or, in the case of Just Cause 3, a Mediterranean peninsula.

Harnessing the power of current-gen systems, Avalanche’s threequel is the biggest entry in the open-world series by quite a margin, opening up a 400 square mile playground for players to roam around in until their heart’s desire. Just Cause 3 will have a story driving its bombastic action set-pieces, however, as Rico will be sent on a mission to overthrow an erratic dictator called General Di Ravello by any means necessary.

Just Cause 3 also joins the ranks as one of the playable titles on the showfloor of Gamescom next month, and we can expect plenty of more information to find its way online in the coming weeks.

Avalanche Studios will be hoping to set the world on fire – figuratively, of course – when Just Cause 3 rappels onto PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on December 1. For now, let us know what you make of the upcoming threequel in the comments below.