320 Gigabyte PS3 Console + NHL 13 Bundle Confirmed For Canadian Retailers

Whenever a summer season begins to dawn with the return of September, a large portion of Canada’s population starts to daydream about the upcoming National Hockey League season, as well as the impending release of EA Sports’ next licensed hockey game. At least, that’s what it’s like during most years.

This one happens to be different, due to the League’s collective bargaining issues and its potential work stoppage, but we at least have NHL 13 to look forward to on September 11. That means we can, at the very least, see our favourite stars compete inside of digitally crafted arenas.

Confirmed for release alongside the much-anticipated sports title is a brand new 320 gigabyte PlayStation 3 bundle. Containing the console, a one month PlayStation Plus trial and a copy of NHL 13, it will come with a suggested retail price of $299.99. That means those who purchase the package can look forward to approximately $60 worth of savings.

Please note that this bundle will only be made available to Canadian gamers.

Source: The PlayStation Blog

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