Over 350 DRM-Free PC Games On Sale In New GOG Promo



The ever popular DRM-free advocate and Steam rival store front, GOG.com has launched a huge fall sale. CD Projekt Red’s PC game store is offering over 350 titles with up to 90% off. At a first glance, stellar deals include The Witcher III: Wild Hunt for just $42 and 10% off its new expansion, Hearts of Stone.

The Big Fall Sale will offer new deals every 12 hours, with a slew of new bundles every 24 hours on top of that. Today’s bundles (November 4) include classic Fallout titles, old-school Elder Scrolls, and an Interplay Ultimate Collection for a bargain basement price.

On top of the fantastic steals, everyone who spends at least $5 during the sale gets a free copy of System Shock 2. If you spend $15, you’ll get The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena, while dropping $30 on some shiny new titles will get you a free copy of Banished. This offer only lasts for ten more days, according to a counter on the GOG.com home page, and presumably this will be when the fall sale ends as well, so don’t miss out.


Steam, Valve’s popular PC gaming store front, doesn’t seem to be offering anything special for fall, but with their traditional Steam Holiday Sale generally launching around the 18th of December, GOG.com are wise to get their deals out the door and try to cash in before the Christmas stampede causes us to all empty our wallets into Valve’s coffers, buying titles that we’ll never get a chance to play.

Be sure to check back daily on GOG.com for up to date deals and bundles.

Source: Gamespot

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