Nintendo 3DS Experiencing Early Hardware Troubles

Say it isn’t so Nintendo! For the most part of the recent gaming generation, many gamers argue that the Wii lacks titles. And, Nintendo has been able to say, “At least our systems don’t work for two weeks and then fail”.

Unfortunately, that may not be the case anymore as several reports of the “Black screen of death” (gamer’s are so clever, aren’t they?) have been defaming the newly launched 3DS. At the moment, the error causes no real damage besides having to hard reset the 3DS, making you lose valuable progress. However, there have been some reports that users have reformatted their SD cards to the Fat-32 file system ridding them of the problem. In very rare cases users have taken the unit back to be replaced. Glad I didn’t pre-order.

As of yet, Nintendo hasn’t released any official comments or statements, but I don’t really expect them to. I think Nintendo has always been a stand up company that believe actions speak louder than words and I’m betting we’ll probably see a firmware update within the next month.