3DS Receiving Miiverse & YouTube With Upcoming Firmware Update


As part of today’s Nintendo Direct stream, the company confirmed plans to support two new features on the 3DS via a software update planned for release some time next month, those being YouTube and a portable version of the Wii U’s Miiverse function.

The ability to link your Wii U Nintendo Network ID to your individual 3DS unit was also announced, which will be required to post on Miiverse. This particular component will apparently operate similarly to its original Wii U counterpart, with specific message board-like communities for individual titles that allow players to post text messages, original drawings, and screenshots from the game itself for others to view and comment on.

YouTube, which will presumably be made available through a free app, will enable different actions on each of the handheld’s screens, such as the ability to watch videos on the top screen and simultaneously search for another one on the bottom. Naturally, Nintendo is encouraging viewers to check out their own YouTube channel for new promotional videos.

The full Nintendo Direct stream can be rewatched below, with these particular announcements starting around the 17:15 mark. We will keep you updated on more news regarding Nintendo games and consoles as it drops. Until then, let us know your thoughts.  Will you be using the 3DS versions of Miiverse or YouTube?