The 3DS Versions Of Pokemon Red, Blue And Yellow Won’t Support Restore Points



The 3DS re-releases of the original Pokemon games on the Nintendo eShop won’t support the use of restore points, according to the manuals included in the Japanese versions of the Game Boy titles. The documents, which were obtained online by encyclopaedic Pokemon fan site, confirm that none of the four games, Red, Blue, Yellow and Green (Japan only) will enable players to create custom restore points (i.e. save states) using the 3DS’ virtual console emulator.

Notably, this is the first time such a move has been made by Nintendo – every previous Game Boy title released through the 3DS has supported the feature. Nintendo are yet to comment on why the popular feature has been disabled for these particular games, but we’re willing to hazard a guess that it has something to do with how exploitable certain features would be if players were able to save and restore and any time.

The additional restriction of save game backups only supports the above, as the latter has undoubtedly been decided to stop players cloning rare or desirable ‘Mons.

Besides that though, its also emerged that – due to the lack of cable-based multiplayer found in the original Game Boy versions – a new menu system has been added to support player to player trading and Pokemon battles.

These restrictions are undoubtedly going to irritate some Pokefans out there, but the reasons for Nintendo’s decisions are understandable.

Which side of the fence are you sat on though? Do you think the new regulations are a bit excessive or perfectly reasonable? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: VG247

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