Back 4 Blood Has Been Delayed Until Late 2021

Back 4 Blood

Fans of multiplayer survival games will have to wait a while longer before getting their hands on one of the genre’s most promising additions to date.

Back 4 Blood, Turtle Rock’s spiritual successor to the Left 4 Dead series, has been delayed by several months. Originally intended to arrive in time for summer, the developer states that in order to give its latest project the best chance at success possible, the staff collectively feel that more time is needed to achieve that aim – which is fair enough. Rather than indefinitely postpone the release and leave players hanging, however, the studio affirms that it will now be shooting for launch this fall, October 12th. Due to the nature of game development, that ETA could change at any time, too, but as of this moment, it seems the team is confident that it can meet that deadline.

The announcement in question can be found in the gallery down below:

Disappointing news whichever way you spin it, no doubt, but it’s not all bad. In an attempt to soften the blow, Turtle Rock has taken the opportunity to confirm a beta for the co-op shooter. This is scheduled to get underway at the same time that the full release had initially been penned in, though we’ve yet to learn of a specific commencement window on that front. Expect to hear more in that regard, including dates and times as well as eligible platforms, in the weeks ahead.

For other Back 4 Blood news, including details regarding gameplay features as well as how microtransactions will function (if indeed they’re even added), hit the respective links. And as always, stay tuned for further developments.