4J Studios Looking Into A Way To Port 360 Minecraft Saves To Xbox One

minecraft copy

For many Xbox 360 owners, the news that Minecraft was in development for the Xbox One was somewhat tempered by the fact that their current save files would remain locked away on the older console. While there are no guarantees at this point, 4J Studios has confirmed that they are currently working on a solution to port 360 saves to the next-gen console.

4J Studios broke the potentially good news about 360 Minecraft save files in response to a fan question on Twitter, saying:

Even without a firm promise, it is at least nice to hear that Microsoft and 4J Studios are looking into the issue. Speaking as someone who has spent a fair amount of time both mining and crafting in the blocky hills of the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft, it would be shame if I had to leave my pretty princess castle, water slide, and giant wooden pirate ship trapped forever within the confines of the last-gen console.

Again, this isn’t guaranteed but we’ll definitely keep you posted when we hear more.