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5 letter words ending in ING – Wordle game help

This simple clue may also be a challenge.

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Don’t be fooled if your Wordle clue is five-letter words ending with “ING”. While there are a total of 23 possible solutions, some of the words are uncommon, and there is also the trap of thinking of longer words that end with the same letter placement.

Here are some simple tricks and pointers to help assist if you’re struggling to solve this Wordle puzzle. The first is to check if there is another “I” or “G” in the word as letters can double up. Next is don’t underestimate uncommon letters like “V”, “W”, and “Y” as they do appear in a few of the words. Finally, only think of two-letter combinations. While this last tip may sound simple, it is common to think of other words that may be too long for Wordle.

So whether you need some serious help with this puzzle, or you just want a refresher, here is the full list of five-letter words that start with “ING” in alphabetical order.

5 letter words ending in ING – Wordle game help

  • aging
  • aping
  • being
  • bring
  • cling
  • doing
  • dying
  • eking
  • eying
  • fling
  • going
  • icing
  • lying
  • owing
  • sling
  • sting
  • suing
  • swing
  • thing
  • tying
  • using
  • vying
  • wring

Looks can be deceiving in Wordle as simple clues can also be a challenge. That’s what’s great about this popular word puzzle game. It likes to test and challenge your knowledge, especially with simple word patterns that we may see often. As long as you keep calm and use our moves carefully, you don’t have to worry about struggling to solve this simple puzzle.

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