5 letter words ending with CE — Wordle Game Help

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Image via The New York Times online

So, your Wordle puzzle has revealed that your word ends with “CE?” Luckily, there are only 30 words that exist that have five letters and end with “CE.” A lot of them are common words that we use every day. And through the process of elimination, finding the answer to today’s puzzle will be revealed.

Some of the words are common, while others have odd spellings and pronunciation when you try saying them out loud. And some have different spelling variants so you need to be careful with those as well. The best strategy the crack this puzzle is to start with figuring out the first letter of the answer, which is often enough to decode what the rest of the word could be.

Though there are 30 words and you only have 6 chances to figure out which is the right one, as long as you use your moves wisely and do not waste them, finding the answer should be a breeze.

But in case you’re stuck and in need of assistance, here is a complete list of words that could be the possible answer.

Here are all the 5 letter words ending with “CE”:

  • juice
  • farce
  • fence
  • force
  • hence
  • twice
  • voice
  • wince
  • brace
  • mince
  • peace
  • pence
  • piece
  • place
  • price
  • space
  • spice
  • dance
  • deuce
  • dunce
  • grace
  • lance
  • niece
  • ounce
  • sauce
  • since
  • slice
  • trace
  • trice
  • truce

While it does get confusing to differentiate between similar sounding words with different spellings, hopefully, this list will prove useful in pinning down the answer to today’s Wordle’s word of the day.