5 letter words ending with L – Wordle Game Help

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Image via The New York Times online

Wordle continues to sweep the globe, with the addictive word game ushering in a new era of daily challenges. From commute time-killers to bar conversations, Wordle is hard to escape as it has become part of our day-to-day.

Choosing your guesses has its own science, but sometimes you’ll need a bit of guidance. At times, you can get stuck by only having one letter in the green – the last letter. Working backwards from there is hard, and here is our guide for five letter words concluding in “L”.

Depending on the dictionary you choose, there are at least 465 different five letter words that end with “L”. Some of these are obvious, others are a bit more descriptive or medical. Here’s some of our favourites, including ones which may just help you trump your friends to that elusive win.

5 letter words that end with “L”

  • afoul
  • anvil
  • angel
  • annul
  • banal
  • basil
  • bowel
  • brail
  • chill
  • churl
  • civil
  • cruel
  • coral
  • devil
  • decal
  • drawl
  • dwell
  • ectal
  • email
  • excel
  • ethyl
  • fatal
  • fetal
  • ghoul
  • gavel
  • gnarl
  • growl
  • gymel
  • halal
  • hazel
  • libel
  • local
  • mural
  • nasal
  • pupil
  • royal
  • snarl
  • spell
  • swell
  • swill
  • troll
  • until
  • vagal
  • vinyl
  • vocal
  • wedel
  • yodel
  • yokel
  • zonal

These aren’t all the words ending in ‘L’, but they’ll help you get on your way if you’re stuck between a rock and hard place during your next game of Wordle. The secret to games like Wordle is to absorb as much language and expand your vocabulary as much as possible.