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Another day, another puzzle on Wordle and, even this far in, sometimes you need a little extra help. With a massive amount of different puzzles all with different solutions you’re not always going to be able to get it done first shot, but with some hints you can make it much easier.

Already having two letters of a word makes the situation far easier, but there are still three more which can often be the most tricky to find.

If the word you’re stuck on starts with a C and ends with a K then here are 37 of the best guesses that will either solve or assist with solving your Wordle puzzle.

5 letter words starting with C and ending with K

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There are a ton of different Wordle solutions that start with C and end with K. Given that there is so many options you could have trouble weeding answers out to find the right one for you so it might take a few turns.

A great method to get closer to the correct answer is to pick a word and weed out letters in each position until you’ve finally reached the solution. Here is a list of some of the the best answers that can help you finish today’s puzzle.

  • chack
  • chalk
  • chank
  • chark
  • chawk
  • check
  • cheek
  • chick
  • chirk
  • chock
  • chook
  • chowk
  • chuck
  • chunk
  • clack
  • clank
  • cleck
  • cleek
  • clerk
  • click
  • clink
  • cloak
  • clock
  • clonk
  • cluck
  • clunk
  • crack
  • crank
  • creak
  • creek
  • crick
  • croak
  • crock
  • cronk
  • crook
  • cruck
  • crunk

With any luck, you’ll be able to find your answer in just a few goes but of course, already having two letters means you can’t solve the puzzle first shot. With this being the case, the most important thing is to solve the puzzle and with these suggestions, you could get it done on your second guess/

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