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If the only clue you’ve been given to solve your Wordle puzzle is that the word starts with the letter “G”, then you need to be careful. There are a total of 115 five-letter words that start with “G”, which means you need to be really careful, especially if you don’t have enough moves left.

But don’t you worry as here are some tips and pointers to help guide you if you’re struggling to find the answer to your puzzle. First, check for letters “A”, “E” or “O” are part of the solution as it is common, whether that may be the second letter or placed anywhere else. Next is to consider uncommon letters like “Z”, “Y”, “W”, etc as they are also seen with words starting with “G”. And lastly, check if there is another “G” in the solution.

So whether you need some serious help with this puzzle, or you just want a refresher, here is a condensed list of five-letter words that start with “G”, in alphabetical order.

5 Letter Words Starting with G – Wordle Game Help

  • gaffe
  • gaily
  • gauze
  • gavel
  • gawky
  • gazer
  • gecko
  • geeky
  • ghoul
  • giant
  • giddy
  • gipsy
  • girly
  • glint
  • gloat
  • globe
  • glyph
  • gnash
  • grass
  • grate
  • grime
  • grimy
  • grind
  • gripe
  • groan
  • guise
  • gulch
  • gully
  • gusty
  • gypsy

While it is overwhelming to be dealt with a clue with multiple possible answers, it shouldn’t phase you. As long as you make your moves carefully, you shouldn’t worry too much about solving them. Remember, Wordle likes to challenge the player daily. So it’s not every day you will be dealt an easy hand.

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