5 letter words starting with H – Wordle Game Help

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via The New York Times online

If your Wordle puzzle starts with “H”, then finding the answer should be slightly easier for you than normal as there are only 69 (nice) five-letter words that have that letter placement. And what’s great about this is that most of them are common words, with only a few you might be unaware of.

Here are some tips if you receive this clue. First, check if the word has the letter “A” or “Y” in it as they’re the most common letters found in words starting with “H”. Figuring this out will determine how many words will be culled, making your list more narrow.

Next is to figure out if the word is a noun or adjective since that will help make the pool of words even smaller. And lastly, guess the word without repeating the same letters you’ve entered before. Be wise in your moves and not waste them. Eventually, you will find your word in no time.

So whether you need some help with this puzzle or you just want a refresher, here is a condensed list of words that start with “H” in alphabetical order.

5 letter words starting with H – Wordle Game Help

  • happy
  • harem
  • harpy
  • haunt
  • haute
  • havoc
  • heart
  • hedge
  • heist
  • hinge
  • hippo
  • hitch
  • hoard
  • hobby
  • hoist
  • holly
  • homer
  • honey
  • honor
  • house
  • hovel
  • howdy
  • humid
  • humor
  • humph
  • humus
  • hunch
  • hydro
  • hymen
  • hyper

The letter “H” is one of the most common letters used in the English language. So hopefully, the words that were shown in this list do help you seek the answer you were looking for.