5 letter words starting with MI — Wordle Game Help

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Image via The New York Times online

The age of Wordle is still upon us, and each day we clamour to contrast and compare our results on the internet’s favourite free game.

Ushering in an era of dictionary checking and friendly competitive spirit, sometimes Wordle can absolutely get the best of you. Getting stuck in a mire can cause you to feel disempowered by the game, but sometimes all you need is a fresh set of eyes and suggestions.

Depending on what dictionary you use, there are roughly 106 words that start with “MI,” making it one of the more rare letter combinations in the English language, especially for Wordle. Here are some examples that could win you bragging rights against your friends and colleagues.

5 letter words starting with “MI”:

  • miaow
  • miles
  • midge
  • micas
  • mints
  • minge
  • mires
  • mince
  • milk
  • mixes
  • micks
  • miffs
  • miser
  • mixer
  • micos
  • micky
  • midas
  • minor
  • minks
  • missy
  • mimed
  • might
  • micro
  • middy
  • minty
  • mimic

“MI” is a prefix from the French language adapted to English, which originally meant “half” or “small,” and perhaps this knowledge can help you be at top of the pile amongst your friends. Wordle is all about trial and error, and sometimes outlandish guesses. Any chance to expand your vocabulary will put you in good stead.