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Getting a single letter in your first Wordle guess is quite the challenge, but getting two is even more difficult and if you’re here you’re likely in this position.

Having both the starting letters to the solution already weeds out a ton of wrong answers, but when those letters include X things get even easier as there aren’t too many words that include the letter X at the beginning.

If you’ve got two letters and still guesses remaining then your chance of solving the Worlde puzzle is great and by taking a look at all the possible options you can more easily find the remaining letters and ultimately a solution. Below we’ve detailed all of the options you may want to consider.

5 letter words starting with OX

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Fortunately, you’ve lucked out on this puzzle as there are only a few five-letter words that begin with OX. Using this list you’ll be able to see all the possible options and work to determine which is the correct solution.

A great idea would be to seek out the final letter in the word as once you’ve got this piecing together the remaining two only get easier. Here is a look at all the possible solutions.

  • Oxbow
  • Oxeye
  • Oxhey
  • Oxids
  • Oxims
  • Oxlip
  • Oxers
  • Oxfam
  • Oxide
  • Oxime
  • Oxley
  • Oxter

While there might be fewer possibilities than usual, there is no shame in failing to get the Wordle of the day. Thankfully, you’ll get a chance at redemption and to test your mind once again tomorrow when a new word is selected.

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