5 Letter Words Starting with S and Ending with N – Wordle Game Help

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Wordle is to Twitter what Farmville was to early-2010s Facebook; even if you don’t play it, you know all about it due to your friends posting about it. However, word games are serious business, and if you want to best your friends’ scores, you’ll need to get creative with your word use and expand your vocabulary. 

But don’t worry, if you need a hand to get a high score, here are some word suggestions to spice up your Wordle guesses. 

5 Letter Words That Start With S And End With N

There are tens of thousands of words that start with the letter S. A 2012 study found that the letter S was the most common starting letter in English. Making it a tricky letter for Wordle players due to its sheer ubiquity. 

Similarly, many words end with the letter N. However, the number of five-letter words that start with S and end with N isn’t that large, which makes them perfect for deducing a Wordle solution. 

There are over 40 different words that start with an S and end in an N, covering both U.S. and British English. These words are: 

  • salon
  • saran
  • sarin
  • sasin – (An Indian antelope)
  • satin
  • savin
  • scion
  • scorn
  • sedan
  • semen
  • serin – (Small bird related to the Atlantic canary)
  • seton
  • seven
  • sewan
  • sharn
  • shawn
  • sheen
  • shewn
  • shoon
  • shorn
  • shown
  • shuln
  • siren
  • skean – (A type of dagger)
  • skeen
  • skein – (A length of thread or yarn) 
  • slain
  • solan
  • solon
  • soman
  • sozin -(an antiseptic substance)
  • spawn
  • spean – (To wean someone or something) 
  • spoon
  • spurn
  • stain
  • stein
  • stern
  • swain
  • swoon
  • sworn
  • swoun – (Obsolete form of swoon) 
  • syren

Getting the best Wordle scores can be tricky, but if you use these words to expand your vocabulary, you’ll soon be besting your friends with your word game skills and impressing your Twitter followers.