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While hardcore gamers everywhere wait patiently Wordle: Game of the Year edition, we’ll all have to make do with the basic release version for now.

Every 24 hours, The New York Times bestows upon us a new 5-word challenge for the internet’s finest detectives to solve in just six guesses. The inherent challenge nature can make it frustrating, so here are some gentle tips and tricks to send you on your way.

5 Letter Words Starting with SC

With just over 100 potential correct answers, here are a selection of the best words with “SC” to help you.

  • scabs
  • scads
  • scale
  • scalp
  • scaly
  • scamp
  • scams
  • scans
  • scant
  • scare
  • scarf
  • scarp
  • scars
  • scary
  • scaup
  • scend
  • schav
  • schul
  • schwa
  • scion
  • scoff
  • scold
  • scone
  • scoop
  • scoot
  • scope
  • score
  • scorn
  • scots
  • scour
  • scout
  • scowl
  • scrag
  • scram
  • scrap
  • scrum
  • scuba
  • scuff
  • sculk
  • scull
  • scums
  • scups
  • scuzz

A very interesting letter combination, nearly all of these are verbs or adverbs. Descriptive words can require a bit of brainpower to remember, but there’s a good supply of them here.

One of the easiest and best ways to get ahead with your Wordle abilities is to read as much as humanly possible. Pop open a dictionary, a thesaurus, or just read a book or two. Chances are you’ll find a word you hadn’t heard of before.

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