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5 Letter Words with CK as Third and Fourth Letters – Wordle Game Help

Pro tips for Wordle.

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In what is widely considered to be one of the greatest films of all-time, Citizen Kane, a simple word ignites a mystery – Rosebud. Nowadays, Charles Foster Kane’s last utterings would be Wordle.

Fittingly, as Kane owned newspapers, Wordle is now owned by The New York Times. The daily challenge is huge online still, with players across the globe fighting and competing to get the win.

Sometimes, the search for the win can be, well, challenging. So here’s some gentle tips and tricks to send you on your way.

5 Letter Words with CK as Third and Fourth Letters

A plucky mix of letters, there’s over 170 potential answers, and here’s a smattering of tips.

  • backs
  • becks
  • bucko
  • bucks
  • cacky
  • cocks
  • cocky
  • dacks
  • decko
  • ducks
  • ducky
  • fecks
  • gecko
  • hacks
  • hecks
  • hocks
  • jocks
  • kicks
  • lucky
  • mocks
  • necks
  • packs
  • pucka
  • recks
  • sicko
  • sicky
  • socko
  • rocky
  • tacks
  • ticks
  • wacke
  • wicks
  • yacka
  • yucky

A obscure combination, it’s almost exclusively used for adjectives and adverbs – with a few interesting exceptions which keep this list enticing. The best foot forward for Wordle can often be just throwing a word at the wall and seeing what sticks, much like a Spider-Man web.

Expanding your horizons by reading a lot, and reading a variety of different things, can also be a huge boon. Your vocabulary getting boosted is always a good thing, and isn’t it great when you one-up your colleagues with a word they’ve never heard of before?

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