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While finding the start and end of a Wordle puzzle are the best ways to reach a solution, getting two of the middle letters is still a great start to go from.

If you’re here then it means you’ve likely used at least one of your six Wordle guesses and identified the second and third letters in the word as E and I.

To help you continue on the path to success we’ve listed all five-letter words that use these in their respective position and also shared a few tips as a guide.

5 Letter Words with E and I as Second and Third Letters

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There are 70 words that use the letters E and I in the second and third positions. This being the case, you’ve still got some work today before you can solve your Wordle puzzle.

A great way to further weed out wrong answers is to look to seek out the first and last letters of the word next. Focus on one position and try guesses that could be the most likely answers for these spots.

There are plenty of answers that should lead your on your way in this list of words including ofcourse the correct answer to your Wordle puzzle.

  • beige  
  • beigy  
  • being  
  • ceiba  
  • ceili  
  • ceils  
  • deice  
  • deids  
  • deify  
  • deign  
  • deils  
  • deism  
  • deist  
  • deity  
  • feign  
  • feint  
  • feist  
  • geist  
  • geits  
  • heids  
  • heigh  
  • heils  
  • heirs  
  • heist  
  • keirs  
  • leirs  
  • leish  
  • meins  
  • meint  
  • meiny  
  • meith  
  • neifs  
  • neigh  
  • neist  
  • neive  
  • peins  
  • peise  
  • peize  
  • reifs  
  • reify  
  • reign  
  • reiki  
  • reiks  
  • reink  
  • reins  
  • reird  
  • reist  
  • reive  
  • seifs  
  • seils  
  • seine  
  • seirs  
  • seise  
  • seism  
  • seity  
  • seize  
  • teiid  
  • teils  
  • teind  
  • veils  
  • veily  
  • veins  
  • veiny  
  • weids  
  • weigh  
  • weils  
  • weird  
  • weirs  
  • weise  
  • zeins  

Given there are still 70 possible options, there’s no shame in failing to correctly guess the answer. If you weren’t able to solve your Wordle puzzle today there will be a new challenge to attempt tomorrow.

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