5 letter words with E and I in them – Wordle Game Help

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Wordle is now as much a staple in our day-to-day lives in 2022 as picking up the newspaper on the porch was thirty years ago. We rummage across to our phones and seek to master the daily word challenge, in a search to one-up our friends and colleagues.

Sometimes with a challenge though, you’ll need a few gentle hints to push you into the right direction. There’s no shame in needing a bit of help to overcome an obstacle, and here’s a few friendy clues towards your goal word.

5 letter words with E and I in them

Depending on your dictionary, there are roughly 1165 words with the letters “E” and “I” in them, here are some suggestions.

  • alien
  • alive
  • befit
  • binge
  • deist
  • ennui
  • evict
  • heist
  • helix
  • imbue
  • islet
  • juice
  • knife
  • pries
  • liege
  • miles
  • ovine
  • pixies
  • pries
  • spire
  • stein
  • tepid
  • weird
  • yield
  • yikes
  • zines

“E” and “I” make up a large portion of English language words, with many being doctored over from other languages such as French and German. A good tip would be to broaden your etymological horizons and think a bit deeper about where words come from.

As always, it’s good to expand your vocabulary as much as possible to give you a step up in the new daily tradition.