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Vowels are some of the most used letters in the alphabet so finding one in your Wordle puzzle can be an extremely useful tool in solving the word. That being said, narrowing down the options can’t simply be achieved with vowels alone.

If you’re here it means you’ve tried out all of the vowels and found that the answer to your Wordle puzzle contains just the letter I. Using this information the options are cut down somewhat, but there is still plenty to account for.

To help out we’ve compiled a list of 50 words that meet this criteria which could be useful guesses leading you down the path to victory.

5 Letter Words with I as the Only Vowel

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While finding that your Wordle puzzle only includes I as its only vowels is helpful, it still does leave the possibilities wide open. There are over 150 words that use just I as their only vowels so we’ve cut things down to a list of 50 that include the answer to your Wordle puzzle.

The next step in finding the answer would be to choose words from this list noting down their opening and closing letters. Once you’ve found more letters things should become clearer by using our list below.

  • birth
  • blind
  • brick
  • bring
  • chick
  • child
  • cling
  • crisp
  • dirty
  • dizzy
  • drink
  • fifty
  • fight
  • first
  • fishy
  • fizzy
  • flick
  • fling
  • frisk
  • giddy
  • girly
  • grind
  • hippy
  • imply
  • itchy
  • kitty
  • light
  • limit
  • livid
  • lying
  • lyric
  • milky
  • mimic
  • missy
  • night
  • print
  • prism
  • privy
  • right
  • split
  • swift
  • swing
  • swirl
  • swish
  • tight
  • tipsy
  • trick
  • tying
  • vinyl
  • vivid

If you weren’t able to find the correct answer there is no shame as just having one letter still leaves the possibilities wide open. Thankfully tomorrow will bring another Wordle puzzle to test your mind with.

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