5 Letter Words with R as the Fourth Letter – Wordle Game Help

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via The New York Times online

If your only clue to solve your Wordle puzzle is that it contains the letter “R” as the fourth letter, then you need to be careful. Wordle only gives you a limited amount of moves before you lose the game so you need to think carefully and plan strategically.

There are 152 possible answers if this was the only clue you’ve been given, so here are some tips to help you solve the puzzle. Check if there are double ‘R’s in the word as this is fairly common for words with that specific letter placement. Next step, check if the word ends with either the letter “T” or “Y” as this will help narrow down possible answers even further. And lastly, check if the vowel “A” is in it as it is common. Also, be aware of rare letters like “Z” or “U” as they do make an appearance in some of the words.

So whether you need some serious help with this puzzle, or you just want a refresher, here is a small list of five-letter words words with “R” as the fourth letter in alphabetical order.

5 Letter Words With R as the Fourth Letter – Wordle Game Help

  • agora
  • azure
  • blurt
  • curry
  • decry
  • dowry
  • exert
  • fjord
  • gourd
  • hairy
  • hydro
  • ivory
  • leery
  • lorry
  • marry
  • myrrh
  • ombre
  • ovary
  • pearl
  • quart
  • query
  • retro
  • scorn
  • sworn
  • terra
  • umbra
  • usurp
  • wharf
  • yearn
  • zebra

Hopefully this list was helpful enough for you to solve your Wordle puzzle. While there are days where you get clues with multiple possible answers, it doesn’t mean that it will be impossible for you to solve the problem you’re facing. Just stay calm, relax, and answer wisely.