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One of the best things about Wordle (other than dominating your friends with your English prowess) is how it forces you to expand your vocabulary and look at words differently. 

While some words are pretty obvious, some Wordle puzzles will lead to you trying to come up with words fitting very uncommon letter patterns. Nowhere is this better seen than words with R in the middle and an E at the end. While loads of words end with E. A center R is slightly rarer, forcing you to think outside the box when coming up with your guess.

But don’t fear. Here’s a select list of words that end in an E and feature an R as the third letter, from common everyday words to a few very obscure ones. 

5 Letter Words with R in the Middle and Ending in E

  • aerie – a large nest of a bird of prey
  • agree
  • barre
  • barye – The centimeter–gram–second unit of pressure.
  • berme
  • birle
  • carve
  • cerge
  • cerne
  • corbe – Crooked
  • corse
  • curie
  • eerie
  • eyrie
  • farce
  • farle
  • farse
  • firie – A person who fights fires
  • force
  • forge
  • forme
  • forte
  • forze – Force or power
  • furze
  • garbe
  • garre
  • gerbe
  • gerle
  • genre
  • horde
  • horme
  • horse
  • kyrie
  • laree
  • large
  • merge
  • merle – Common dog coat pattern
  • merse
  • morae
  • morne
  • morse
  • murre
  • narre
  • nerve
  • verve
  • virge
  • warre
  • worse

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