5 Letter Words with R, S, and O in Them – Wordle Game Help

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via The New York Times online

Mission Impossible features some astonishing action sequences and stunts that make the heists so interesting, but they’d be much more interesting if Tom Cruise played Wordle while dangling from a wire.

Wordle is continuing its military junta-like control of the internet, with the browser-based web game a social media sensation still. Comparing and contrasting scores has become part of the daily tradition of being online in 2022.

The puzzle aspect is always tough, and with just six guesses to get the word right, you may need a few gentle tips and hints. There’s no shame in needing support, and here’s some aid for those in Wordle need.

5 Letter Words with R, S, and O in Them

With 363 words that fit the criteria, there’s plenty of scope for blind guesses.

  • arson
  • boars
  • brows
  • dorks
  • fords
  • frogs
  • gorps
  • hours
  • irons
  • ogres
  • orcas
  • ports
  • prose
  • pyros
  • roams
  • roast
  • rosin
  • saros
  • score
  • servo
  • sorry
  • store
  • story
  • visor
  • words
  • zeros

A good way of looking at this combination is to allow yourself to do one letter at a time, or pitch “O” as the middle letter. A majority of these combinations have “O” at second or third letter.

It’s always good practise to evolve your vocabulary as much as you can, as it will put you in good stead for future Wordle puzzles.